Yoga Nidra with Rosalie! OM!

Yoga Nidra Workshop with Rosalie e’Silva

Saturday, July 29. 2PM-4.30PM.




We're so excited to welcome Rosalie to SharedSpace. Rosalie will be teaching Yoga Nidra classes and workshops and SharedSpace, complementing our physical practice with deep relaxation and a sense of calm. For those of you who would like to get to know Rosalie better, please read on!

How are you today? Great :)

Where are you currently as you’re writing this? I’m sitting at Starbucks with a freshly brewed Soya Matcha Latte.

What’s a beautiful thought you can share with us today? Always believe something wonderful is just around the corner - that’s become my mantra recently!

What’s your next workshop at SS about? Do you ever wish you could hit the pause button and feel completely relaxed, focused and clear? With yoga nidra, you can accomplish all of these things - and so much more.

Also known as yogic sleep, yoga nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation. It’s a combination of allowing your body to relax while you keep your mind awake. By doing this, you reach a profound state of relaxation. 

It’s a kind of internal yoga, practiced lying on your back with your eyes closed. The hardest part is actually staying awake! Yoga nidra enables you to let go of all ingrained tension and stress. But relaxation is just the beginning - yoga nidra can truly transform your life.

Practicing yoga nidra gives you access to your subconscious mind. It’s like opening a door to your inner world. Things your have suppressed start to bubble up to the surface. By bringing up things you didn’t even know were affecting you, yoga nidra enables you to release old thought patterns and behaviours. Your mind is also extremely receptive in this state, which is why we also work on manifestation during yoga nidra. 

During the workshop, we’ll explore how yoga nidra works and the many benefits it has to offer. We'll then do a gentle flow for around 45 minutes, designed to relax the body and release any tension. 

You’ll then come into your most comfortable position as I guide you through an hour long session that will leave you feeling totally blissed out.  There will be time for questions at the end, over a cup of tea and treats.

What’s your teaching style like? Intuitive and in the moment - I always encourage students to do what feels good!

What are your Yoga Nidra teachings based on? My classes are based primarily on the technique adapted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, mixed in with my more than 10 years of experience with the practice.

How has Yoga Nidra helped you? Yoga nidra helped me overcome my debilitating fear of speaking in front of groups of people. It truly transformed my life as it enabled me to go on and realise my dream of becoming a television journalist.

How can Yoga Nidra help people? Apart from being deeply relaxing and restorative, yoga nidra will help you realise your deepest desire. During the workshop we will spend some time formulating your ‘sankalpa’ or affirmation of your deepest desire. Each session begins and ends with this sankalpa.

Is Yoga Nidra for ME? My Yoga Nidra Workshop is great for anyone looking for deep relaxation and a way of letting go of ingrained stress and tension. 

What’s the nature of your work usually like? I'm a teacher and journalist.

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