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We are open to grace and all things good.

Here are our current openings:


Operations Manager/3rd Brain: 

We have an opening for a full time operations manager to run our daily administrative work, and help SharedSpace expand in Hong Kong. Business and online marketing experience is required, though no formal degree is necessary. We are looking for someone who follows their heart and takes initiative.



Teachers, Trainers, Instructors, Coaches:

Whatever your practice is, in movement, stillness or dialogue, as long as you:

1. Have a message to share

2. Come from the heart

3. Are open to exploring, expanding new elements in your personal practice through exchanging with the SharedSpace team

... Then we would love to have a conversation with you! Here at SharedSpace, our teachers have all sorts of practices and backgrounds, from Dance, Yoga, Parkour to Strength Training. We are also home to a growing team of health and wellness practitioners. Diversity is our strength, and we seek continual growth and and expansion. Email us at with your resume, and we will gladly invite you in for a chat!




A fair exchange! And a great learning experience.

We offer those who help out at SharedSpace free membership. If the Work/Study position interests you, please send us an email introducing yourself, and we will respond soon and set up a time with you to chat. Welcome to SS!



We are always open to possibilities and collaborations! Please email us at, and we'll get back to you soon.