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Captured by Steph

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Captured by Aaronography

Matevz Babnik (Matt)



Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia


Education: Bachelor of Science (Information Systems, IS Organisation and Management, and People Management) at University of Maribor, Slovenia


Other roles in life: I am a father and passionate bread baker


How did you find SS?  I was looking for a community based Yoga studio, where I can practice and hone teaching skills. SharedSpace provides all that and we connect well in our values and motivations.


What does a shared space mean to you?  SharedSpace has fast become my second home. It is the place I feel easiest to explore and express myself, and connect with other, like minded people in our community.


Favourite movement practice: My main practice is Yoga practice but equally I love spending time outdoors: hiking, climbing, mountaineering or just building fun stuff.


Favourite stillness practicE: Gong, Floating and stillness after the Asana practice (‘meditation’).


Favourite HK food: I love local food and street food here! But mostly I go for noodles when looking for a filling meal.


Favourite HK district: I would say Tai Po and Sai Kung for the nature and Kowloon (west) for the food.


Upcoming at SS: 7am 30 Day Universal Yoga for beginners challenge practice.


Socials/Website: Working on that...