Name: Clare Lim

Hometown: Hong Kong

Birthday: January 3

Background/Education: Dance, Katonah Yoga, Homeopathy, IIN

Mentor: Nevine Michaan

Teaching Style: I find it so important to fit myself before fitting others  

What do you always teach: Folds+Squats

Favourite practice: Plow+Pumping stuff out of my system (Pranayama)

Least favourite practice: Pushing things

What are you reading at the moment? Power of Twos, The Art of Doing Less

HK District? Sun+Moon+Star St

HK Street Food? Cheung fun, with sweet sauce + PB :)

Cats/Dogs? Dogs!

Next holiday destination? New York!

Other interests: Astrology, Face Reading, Journalling

Self-care rituals?: Warm lemon water, free-writing, long walks, floating, massages

What brings you joy? Knowing that the Universe is intelligent, our personal expressions our beautiful, so all is well in my world.

Socials: www.clarelim.com     @clarelim