Captured by  Steven

Captured by Steven

Cammie Warburton

Photo/Videography, Content Team 


Hometown: Hong Kong


Education: BA Photography


Other roles in life: Dancer…????


How did you find SS? Through partnership / meeting Clare & Aaron at an I AM event!


What does a shared space mean to you? SharedSpace is a community of like minded people, who constantly support one another through collaborations and many good times! and a space of LOVE!


Favourite movement practice: Movement Flow, Dance Class, Surfing/Being in the ocean or any body of water!


Favourite stillness practice: FLOATS! Editing, spending time reading a good book and conversations with friends! 


Favourite HK food: Xiao Long Bao!


Favourite HK district: Sheung Wan and Sai Kung!!!!


Socials/Website: @camikandila_  @camillawphotography . website