SharedSpace welcomes Sandrine Alexandroff, owner of Blue Door Studio 2016-2018, to our teaching family.

An experienced yoga teacher with Yin and Slow Flow classes already running at the studio, Sandrine delivers each classes beautifully with attentive care and nurturing touch. Sandrine’s motherly care comes as a timely add to our expanding team, balancing our forward expanding, empire building energies with warmth and love - we always need people in teams, communities, who have a genuine care for the wellbeing of others. And we always learn lots from those with rich life experiences. 

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Collaborative Spaces in Hong Kong - A Shared Space meets a Shared Kitchen.

Sunday April 29 - We paid our first community visit to BiteUnite, a co-working kitchen in Wan Chai, a 10 minute walk from SharedSpace. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful, sunny morning moving out on the street and in the park, exploring stick games and Parkour drills, then we filled ourselves up with freshly made deliciousness at BiteUnite, by BU Chefs Mia, Cat and Kat, from TizzyShotsPura Vida and Jahmu… 

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