Name:  Aaron Leander Martin

Hometown: Grew up in Frankfurt, Germany - now HK ;)

Birthday: 24.06.1992


  • Giving up my studies of philosophy for a career as Parkour Athlete, I’ve been a part of German-based Show+Performance Team Ashigaru since 2011. Traveling, teaching and performing in Europe, it was clear to me that I wanted to dedicate my time to the movement arts. 
  • With my dad being a business consultant and running a school for further education
  • I learned to appreciate coaching and a structured approach to business ventures. 
  • Since, I’ve been editor and director for http://www.urbanfreeflow.com, launched my own 12-week Parkour course in Singapore and am now enjoying to grow within the movement community in Hong Kong. 

Mentors: Besides my mum and my dad being of continuous support I have taken Mentorship under Christopher M Duncan. And I make sure to keep learning from my favourite authors and speakers, Stephen R Covey, Steven Pressfield, Paulo Coelho, Simon Sinek, Steven Kotler, 

Teaching Style: Playful. Explorative. Challenging. Flow-oriented. My background is in parkour/freerunning/acrobatics, but I include anything that I’ve found helpful along my way. From meditation and visualisation over mobility and strength work to movement riddles and mental challenges. 

What do you always teach?  Floor Rolls and Basic Vaults. Here I can always find my personal balance between challenge and skill - the necessary ingredients for experiencing ‘flow’ - when the outcome matters less than the experience. 

Favourite practice: Learning new freerunning skills. For me this simply means having a safe approach to practicing a new skill: sometimes with crash mats and padded obstacles, sometimes through a tip that allows movement to flow more effortlessly. 

Least favourite practice: Anything where there is ‘only one right way to do it’. 

What are you reading at the moment? Spiral Dynamics by Christopher C. Cowan and Don Edward Beck

HK District? Anywhere where Jackie Chan has done stunts before :p Haha, he’s a true childhood-hero of mine.

HK Street Food? Bolo Bao!

Cats/Dogs? Cags. Or dots. Either. 

Next holiday destination? Holiday - means going somewhere, where adventure and growth awaits. New York! 

Other interests/talents? Business Development. Conscious Companies. Mindful Partnerships. And anything that’s related to embracing new technological opportunities. I think AI and VR (/AR) will define the next paradigm shift in society - and I’d like to be at the forefront of that revolution. :p

Self-care rituals? Lemon Juice in the morning. Training once a day by myself, following the ‘Physical Practice’ programming by Rachel and Keith. Sauna + Meditation. Sometimes being by myself to read. And watching Netflix at home. <3

What brings you joy? Community. Growing together. Planning + envisioning an exciting future. Practicing and developing skills. Learning. And overcoming obstacles, of mental and physical nature. 

Socials: http://facebook.com/aaronmartintin     @aaronmartintin